Six members needed some basic training in off road driving – whether experienced or a complete novice the training has to be done to comply with the terms of our insurance and to ensure that all volunteers are at a known minimum standard.

Phil Rock was the Instructor on the day and as well as the ‘six’, a further nine enthusiastic members turned out to hone their skills and have a little fun driving the course and obstacles.

The large hill was driveable by all as the ground was quite dry and also useable for Phil to use for failed hill climb and hill descent training. The hill isn’t finished yet as when previous construction work was carried out, the conditions were very wet meaning only so much could be done. Now that it is drier we plan to finish (hopefully) the work by doubling the height and re-grading and this should be carried out at the end of September.

All went well with the training, an enjoyable day. Another day will be planned in the near future when conditions are a little more damp.